Custom Orders:

An important part of the Rachel Collins brand! 


The Art of Being You:

In fashion we sometimes forget what is important. It isn't whether you look good in the color of the year or whats hot this season. What is important is always loving you and how you look. That is why I love making custom clothing for any and all grls. If you love what you wear then you are one step closer to loving yourself, and loving yourself is very important of the Rachel Collins brand! 

Our Grl Sara:

Sara is a stunning grl who dreams of becoming a successful actress and make-up artist. She'll be starting her first year of college coming fall and wanted something amazing to wear for her summer before starting her new chapter. Along with something to make some heads turn when she starts her first day as a bada@# college freshman!

The Design:

The garment is a two piece design that can be worn in endless possibilities. For the bandeau a seporating zipper in the back for an edgy touch! The pencil skirt perfectly high waisted, finished with soft lining and invisible zipper in the back. Good luck Sara, now go look like the most bitchin' lady in the room!