About: call me rae

I am Rachel Collins, and I have loved fashion since I was four years old. I loved to draw, create, and try new things with my hands and I loved to dress up all the time. I was always different from my siblings and I’ve always had a different way of thinking, learning, and expressing myself through my art. While other parents sent their children to sports and piano lessons, my mother would send me to art classes once a week after school, and only if I got good grades. This built and sustained my passion.


My vision is a world of fantasy, romance, and elegance, with a streak of rebellion that puts the GRRR in "Girl Power". As women, we are chic, hot, beautiful, bold, and strong! I want women to feel great about who they are and what they wear. I want them to feel like the most stunning girl at the party, as well as look like the most bitchin' lady in the room.


Another aspect I like to explore is the fluidity of gender. I want both men and women to feel like that they can express themselves through fashion as much they want. I believe that androgynous fashion is the next big step for equality and continue to build on that vision.